SilverLake Family Restaurant

This year one of the runners up for Business of the Year was Silverlake Family Restaurant. Here’s a little spotlight on their background and what they have to offer.

“My Father, Steve Gitsis, always liked Wyoming County who was scouting for a new location. He used to bring us to this place when we were kids ( it was owned by Del Rudd). We would come to Warsaw from Rochester, what seemed a long ride, once a year when we were kids to get ice cream. He always mentioned it was a great location for a restaurant. By chance, he found another location in Perry NY that was available and it became the original Silverlake Restaurant in 1990. However, as fate would have it, about a year later the Warsaw location was put up for sale and he decided to buy it as well in 1991. We opened as a small diner and ice cream shop with the same name as the Perry location and began our journey.

After 3 years in 1994, the business had been doing well, and we decided to do an expansion and renovation and improve the kitchen and add seating in what is now the west wing dining room. This investment proved timely and, with the support of the local community the business continued to grow and prosper. Silverlake Family Restaurant became a sort of hub for the town and landmark meeting place for locals and travelers on Rt20A alike. At that time, the restaurant was also known as Scott and Karen Benedict’s place because of their strong contribution managing the restaurant, and as fans of NASCAR, with all the racing pictures and paraphernalia in the front room!

20 years later, in 2013 the family decided to again do a major renovation and investment in business and with the support of the community which we had grown to be a part of. A part of this substantial investment was thankfully matched by the Main Street grant program of Warsaw. This renovation included key features to enhance our customers experience including an improved and larger menu, all new kitchen, full handicap accessible facility, drive thru take out window, improved interiors and outdoor aesthetics, and in reflection of the growing town’s key position vital to the County. The following year in 2014 we were honored with the Business of the Year award from the Chamber, and the recognition of the hard work of our team and our family’s investments was very much appreciated.

Recently with the Pandemic we all were challenged, and with our coworkers who rose up the the challenge and again with the continued support of the local community, the restaurant remained relevant and even the staff were all surprised to realize how essential they are in times of crisis! Our business survived through the hardest part of the pandemic, and the improvements we had made and continue to make to address the concerns of the day, (such as military grade indoor air purifiers, outdoor dining, expanded operations of our drive thru take out window and overall enhanced attention to the details) have added to the location’s confidence for our patrons who have shown with their continued visits that what we do matters. It’s not easy running this type of business, but we continue to innovate and strive to do our best day in and day out.

My Father, who just turned 90 and has over the past 65 years built many notable diners and restaurants in the Rochester area is most proud of what is, our Silverlake Family Restaurant. We are proud to be part and parcel of Warsaw and Wyoming County. ”

-Nick Gitsis & Angela Hetelekides, Owners

Please extend our Congratulations to Tackbary Trophies and Gifts for business of the year.

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