See Me in Warsaw

Started and Complete in 2022

This is first in a series of yearly themed murals.  This first year we choose the theme ‘See Me in Warsaw’.  We wanted murals that the viewer could ‘step inside of’ and become part of the art.   Like our first mural we sent out requests to all of Wyoming County for what their idea for a mural would be while adding in snippets of Warsaw NY.

This year’s murals and artists are:

  1. Swinging in Warsaw – Stephanie Russell (adult) Warsaw NY
    (more info to come shortly)
  2. Cow Butterfly Wings – Kaitlyn & Paige Treutlein (youth) Warsaw NY
    Our favorite thing about the mural was painting and working together.  Getting the matching shape for the butterfly wings was the hardest thing for us.  We had seen angel wings murals and wanted to put our own spin so we went with butterfly wings.  Cow print was used to symbolize Warsaw/Wyoming County and all the cows within it (estimated 47,500 cows).
  3. Bubbles – (adult) Warsaw, NY
    I chose to be part of this project because I like when people get to experience art and be a part of art.  With the theme – See me in Warsaw – I wanted to create something the reflected what might me in the minds of the people of the town.  If someone asks what to you like best about Warsaw or what does Warsaw have what would be the first few items that may come up to adults and kids alike.  Based on that I picked some sports in the area, our monument, one of many churches, the schools mascot, and some symbols to represent popular spots for icecream and movies.
  4. Flowers – Fran Burr (adult) Silver Springs, NY
    (more info to come shortly)
See Me in Warsaw
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