Business of the Year Award 2020

Tackbary's Trophies

2020 Business of the Year – Tackbary’s Trophies

Tackbary's TrophiesWe cannot think of a business that is more deserving of 2020 Business of the Year than Tackbary’s Trophies. In a year of unexpected and challenging twists and turns, Brenda Kelly found a way to expand her business and find success in new ways.  She increased tourism to our area and is giving and generous to the groups she works with, like the Wyoming County 4H.
Because of the pandemic and cancellation of events involving trophies, Brenda thought outside the box and decided to open a gift shop, in addition to her personalized gifts, to increase traffic, which proved to be a very successful business venture.
After owning the business for 5 years, Brenda is currently in the process of buying the Tackbary’s building, a commitment to her business and to Warsaw.  She has some ideas in the works to bring more like minded people in collaboration.Tackbary's Trophies

Brenda’s sister Colleen said it best, “Brenda has always been very creative, a great people person and hard working. Those are the biggest reasons she has been so successful.”

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