Business of the Year Award – 2014

2014 Business of the Year – Silverlake Family Restaurant

Warsaw Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce our 2014 Business of the year goes to the Silverlake Family Restaurant.

Karen Benedict Corporate Manager of Sands Inc., graciously received the 2014 Business award for Silverlake Family Restaurant. The Silverlake Family Restaurant is owned by entrepreneur Nick Gitsis, whose numerous ventures include a new charter airline service in the Philippines.

Nick and his father started the Silverlake Family Restaurant in 1991 in Warsaw.  In 1993, Nick added an addition to give more needed space for family service and comfort.  Even bigger updates came in 2013-2014.  The new look is amazing and always the food.  And the restaurant’s growth is continuing. Benedict said it will be adding a drive-thru window, which may open within the next month. Silverlake Family Restaurant has given a great new look to 105 Buffalo Street. Stop by or call 585-786-5213.

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